Holistic Innovative approach

Holistic Innovative Eudcation is a fun and effective pedagogy that combines educational
psychology, drama in education and whole brain learning. Students learn to
listen, speak, read and write through multisensory activities. With positive
attitudes and high expectation teachers, students are actively participating
and engaging. We encourage small group discussions and presentations in order
to cultivate a harmonious sharing and cooperative learning atmosphere.

Teaching procedure 1:Introducing a theme
Teaching procedure 2:Group Discussions
Teaching procedure 3:Cooperative Learning
Teaching procedure 4:Group Presentations
Teaching procedure 5:Class Compliments

This learning process involves literacy, as we focus language development from words, vocabulary(nouns, verbs, quantifiers, adjectives…), phrases and sentences in order to build a strong language foundation for our students.

Students shall build 7 abilities from group discussions and cooperative learning.


Listen carefully

Courage to express oneself


Respect, Collaboration & Cooperation, Responsibility


Learn to ask, Learn to plan

Be curious, Love to explore


Emotion management,
Time management,
Physical Abilities, Safety awaereness


Originality, Flexibility

Fluency, Innovation

Problem Solving

Initiative, Well organized

Tackle problems appropriately

Critical thinking

Use of knowledge, Understand,

Analyze self-reflection