(1) Using Holistic Innovative approach as an effective strategy for teaching themes

“Happy Voice, Love Rejoyce, Teach with Bliss, Learn with Joy

Holistic Innovative Eudcation is a fun and effective pedagogy that combines educational
psychology, drama in education and whole brain learning. Students learn to
listen, speak, read and write through multisensory activities. With positive
attitudes and high expectation teachers, students are actively participating
and engaging. We encourage small group discussions and presentations in order
to cultivate a harmonious sharing and cooperative learning atmosphere.

Teaching procedure 1:Introducing a theme
Teaching procedure 2:Group Discussions
Teaching procedure 3:Cooperative Learning
Teaching procedure 4:Group Presentations
Teaching procedure 5:Class Compliments

This learning process involves literacy, as we focus language development from words, vocabulary(nouns, verbs, quantifiers, adjectives…), phrases and sentences in order to build a strong language foundation for our students.

Students shall build 7 abilities from group discussions and cooperative learning.


Listen carefully

Courage to express oneself


Respect, Collaboration & Cooperation, Responsibility


Learn to ask, Learn to plan

Be curious, Love to explore


Emotion management,
Time management,
Physical Abilities, Safety awaereness


Originality, Flexibility

Fluency, Innovation

Problem Solving

Initiative, Well organized

Tackle problems appropriately

Critical thinking

Use of knowledge, Understand,

Analyze self-reflection

(2) Using Drama in Education as an effective strategy for teaching themes

Creative Drama can be done in various forms. Dramatic conventions and games encourage children to express themselves. It provides opportunities for students to develop range of skills including listening to verbal instructions or music, narrative mime, using space and group dynamics. In various role-play senarios, children are able to use their everyday life situations and experience to lean and solve problems. They are confidently engaged with the characters, they have the courage to express their feelings and even introverted students would try to share their thoughts.

(3) Outdoors Learning Experience

Through outdoor activities and field trips, children are able to build physical skills and create a positive metal attitude. Children get the opportunity to discover and explore the environment, broaden their horizons and develop stronger reasoning and observation skills. It allows them to gratify their natural curiosity, develop skills and knowledge.

(4) Activity Corners

We provide a variety of activity corners which encourage children to play, explore and learn from hands-on activities while building knowledge, skills and self-confidence. We give children the freedom to choose the activity corners and let them learn through play. Our teachers plan and design every fun corners to engage each child to participate. We oberserve, assess and use scarffolding instructional tool to provide children with support and guidance.

Enrichment Programme - English

We help children to build a strong English foundation in three areas. Our native English teachers encourage authentic conversations and interaction through thematic based learning, phonics and phonemic awareness. Children enhance their listening, speaking and reading skills through games, conversations, songs, stories and phonics activities in a whole class or in small groups. Our Native English teachers create a positive classroom atmosphere to foster children’s learning interest.

Enrichment Programme - Putonghua

Our Putonghua teacher enhances children’s language intuition and learing interest through games, storytelling and nursery songs.

Bible Lesson - Teach children values based on bilblical truths

~ Follow the rules

~ Maintain positive behaviour

~ Be a responsible citizen

Honor our parents

~ Love our parents

~ Learn to help each other


~Build self-confidence


~Be honest 

Love Each Other

~Love and care one another


~Support the people in need in your community 


~Be polite 

Moral Education

Little Angel Campaign — Cultivate a culture of caring in school and take good care of younger students.  

Donate a Red Packet Activity —  Students learn to help the people in need by donating one red packet in Chinese New Year.

ICAN Whole Person Education Pre-school Project

This curriculum is designed by Dr. Wong Chung Kwong, the former professor of Psychiatry CUHK, with reference to his multiple years of experiences in Psychiatric Medicine and psychology.

Key: Success, Improvements, Happiness produce a positive loop of interaction.

Assessing Children's Learning Performance

We enhance the curriculum and facilitate children’s learning be continuous observation, record and feedback on their learning performance in the areas of Language, Early Childhood Mathmatics, Nature and Living, Physical Development, Self and Society, Arts and Creativity.

Students Support

The adaptation period allows new students to integrate into school life gradually. Through diversified celebrations, birthday parties, field trips, religious studies, etc., children can enjoy a pleasant school life. We arrange K3 students to visit primary schools and simulation of P1 lessons, which help to reduce the anxiety of entering primary schools.

Supporting Non-Chinese Speaking Children

We are committed to encouraging and supporting the integration of NCS students (notably students of diverse races) into the
community, including facilitating their early adaptation to the local education system and mastery of the Chinese language. You have any inquiry, please call 24751995 or send email ([email protected] ).

Education services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students