(1) The strategy of teaching that combined with sound & emotion is used.

Holistic Innovative Education

Holistic Innovative Education is an educational theory that combined with education psychology, drama education and whole brain learning in an interesting and effective way. High standard of teaching and learning, through learning with 5 senses, students are able to listen, speak, read and write in regular rules and show their talents in class. In the class, we emphasize on group discussion, and presentation in order to cultivate as harmonious and cooperative learning atmosphere.

Teaching procedure 1:Introduction of Theme
Teaching procedure 2:Group Discussion
Teaching procedure 3:Cooperative Learning
Teaching procedure 4:Group Presentation
Teaching procedure 5:Verbal Praise and Comment Session

The learning process combined with language learning, as we emphasize the development of language building from characters, vocabulary(noun, verb, quantifier, adjective…), phrases and sentences in order to build a good language foundation.

Students shall build 7 abilities from group discussion and cooperative learning.

Communication skills

Listen carefully

Courage to express oneself


Respect, Collaboration & Cooperation, Responsibility

Ability to study

Learn to ask, Learn to plan

Curiosity, Love to explore


Emotion management,
Time management,
Sports skills, Safety


Originality, Flexibility

Fluency, Innovation

Ability to solve problems

Be proactive, Be organized

Deal with problems appropriately

Critical thinking

Use of knowledge, Understand,

Analyze self-reflection

(2) The strategy of teaching that combined with Drama Education is used.

Drama Education is conducted in various format with creativity, which enables children to express themselves through theatre gaming and drama, for instance: verbal instruction, narrative, space using and grouping, etc.

Using of diverse sets, children are able to engage into the drama world and use their imagination and creativity, as well as daily life experience to learn and solve problems. Children will build their confidence through participating drama activities and express themselves more! Even shy kids could share how they feel!

(3) Study Outdoors
Through outdoor visiting events, children are able to build healthy body and pleasant spirit, which helps to boost their health development. Meanwhile, children will learn actively and explore the world, which broaden their horizons and learn new things through first-hand experience and observation. Apart from satisfying their curiosity, it helps to enrich their knowledge too.
(4) Corner Activity

We provide a variety of corner activities, so that children could play and explore by doing, thus build new skills, knowledge, and confidence. The corner activity of each week will be in diverse themes, so that children could choose what they love and learn through playing. Apart from designing a fruitful environment, teacher will boost children’ learning interest by observing them and providing suitable help when they are in need.

Enhancement of Class—English

The three learning themes taught with multi-senses learning experiences are “Letters and Pronunciation”, “Phonics” and “Theme Conversation”. Our native English teachers will arrange English activities in class and groups, through conversation, phonics, singing, gaming, storytelling etc, we aim to boost children ability in listening, speaking and reading, thus children will enjoy the fun learning process of learning English.

Enhancement of Class—Putonghua

Chanting children’s songs, listening to stories and playing games, the Putonghua teacher gradually builds up a sense of language and stimulates children’s interest in learning Mandarin.

Bible Lesson-Establish correct values through the learning of the bible

~ Be self-disciplined

~ Keep in good order

~ Be a responsible community member

Honor our parents

~ Love our parents

~ Help each other


~Build self-confidence


~Be an honest person

Love Each Other

~Love and care one another


~Understand minorities in the society


~Be a polite person

Moral Education

Little Angel Campaign — Cultivate a caring culture in school and take good care of young students.  

Red Packet Activity —  Students also can learn how to help the needy through those caring activities.

ICAN Whole Person Education Pre-school Project

This curriculum is designed by Dr. Wong Chung Kwong, the former professor of Psychiatry CUHK, with reference to his multiple years of experiences in Psychiatric Medicine and psychology.

Key: Success, Improvements, Happiness produce a positive loop of interaction.

Children Learning Experience Assessment

Our school adapt continuous observation as a learning experience assessment of children. Through observing and marking the daily learning experience of language, math, nature and lives, sports and health, self and community, art and creativity, our teachers shall know more about children and track their learning progress.

Support to Students

The adaptation period allows children to integrate into school life gradually. Through diverse celebrations, birthday parties, trips, religious studies, etc., children can enjoy a pleasant school life. We arrange K3 students to visit primary schools and simulation of P1 lessons, which help to reduce the fear of entering primary schools.

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